Topic outline

  • General

  • Getting Started with Moodle

    This module covers the basic process of how to log into Moodle, the basic parts of the interface, where key navigation and useful tools are located and how to use them. It also covers how to find and update information in your user profile and how to set your user preferences for forums, messaging, and notifications.

    Objectives for this module are:

    1. Be able to log in and know what to do if you can't
    2. Use basic navigation, including the breadcrumb
    3. Update your user profile information
    4. Set your user preferences including controlling notifications

    Pages: 6Glossary: 1Game: 1Quizzes: 2
  • Orientation to a Course

    This module is an orientation or overview of important parts of a basic Moodle course and common tools to help you manage it.

    Objectives for this module are:

    1. Understand the layout of your course and navigate through it
    2. Be able to find and manage students in your course roster
    3. Understand the basics of how to add course content
    4. Understand  the difference between an activity and a resource

    Pages: 6Quizzes: 3
  • Basic Course Development

    This module covers core features used to create and manage activities and resources used by students in your course.

    Objectives for this module are:

    1. Be able to add and manage any activity or resource
    2. Be able to create a File resource and upload files into the course
    3. How to use the Editor and its basic functions
    4. How to create a Standard type Forum for discussions

    Pages: 6Assignment: 1Quiz: 1Forum: 1
  • More Course Development

    The module covers some additional useful features beyond content that you can use to enhance your course and understand how it is working.

    Objectives of this module are:

    1. Be able to add, remove, and manage blocks in your course
    2. Be able to add and configure Activity completion tracking to any activity
    3. Use the Activity completion Report 

    Pages: 4Assignments: 2
  • Best Practices

    Module description and objectives go here.

    Page: 1Quiz: 1