Saving time and $$$ with with Simulation & Scenario based training

Many of us have been asked to develop job training. Maybe it’s how to deal with customer service issues. Or how to operate a piece of equipment. But training on a live job-site is usually not an option. "On the job training" can present liability and safety concerns, costs of personnel and time, and limited availability of equipment and facilities. This is particularly true for hazardous jobs.

But with simulation training you can bring the job-site to the computer and classroom! Allow people to get the basic safety and initial job training with complex machinery. Even allowing the trainee to select the correct tool, how to use it properly on the equipment. Teach them how to deal with situations that may be uncomfortable. Use branching, interactive media, tools, assessments. All within the simulation. Your only limitation is your imagination. And coming soon - 360° images and video!

SimTutor is an online authoring tool that makes it easy to build all of that and more. From the planning stages to deploying the sim to your audience. Come and learn about the next generation of simulation based training.

Moodle Features

This course outlines Moodle's features by providing examples of activities and resources.

Exploring Mozilla’s Open Badges in Moodle 2.5 (Moot)

Resources for our presentation at Portland Moot, Aug 6-7, 2013

Learn about the integration of Mozilla’s Open Badges in Moodle 2.5. We will show what Open Badges is, its features including security, how it relates to Mozilla’s Persona, and Mozilla’s current and future direction for it.  We will demonstrate how to configure and use the Moodle integration, and review ways in which it can be used as part of course design by itself or as part of general gamification of courses. 

Randy Thornton, Fortech Solutions; Crystal Beasley, Mozilla Corporation; Kathryn Fortin, Fortech Solutions; Emily Goligoski, Open Badges, Mozilla Foundation

Scorm Samples

This course presents SCORM lessons from various projects we have worked on for different clients. The lessons show a variety of learning activities and topics.

Teacher: Darrel Tenter

Dynamic Course

Showing how a course can use completion and access restrictions for activities and topics.

Assignment Completion

Using completion tracking and access restrictions to show a progressing game board.

Completion Criterion

Examples of the completion criterion we can use.

Gamification in Moodle

This session_looks at using clever ricks with conditionals and completion tracking to create more engaging courseware.